Each group will be assigned a family from the periodic table. Your assignment is to  give a presentation about the family. You may use PowerPoint software , posters, or a combination of both. The information that you need to provide us is:

Title: what family are you presenting.

Location on the periodic table: Clearly indicate what the other elements in the family are and where the family is located on the periodic table.

Electron configuration diagram: Each person in your group must choose and element from your family and make an electron configuration diagram for that element. Use it to show the valence electrons.

Reactivity: Which are the most reactive members of your family? What type of ions do the members of your family form? What is the charge and the number?

History: a brief statement of how the element was discovered and/or isolated.

Chemical Properties: what kinds of compounds do members of your family like to form? What are these chemicals used for? How many valence electrons does your family have?


All members of your group must speak.

Write big enough that your poster can be read from the back of the classroom. Every person may be asked questions by Mr. K. so everyone should read and research the assignment.



Alkali metals

Alkali earths

Transition metals

Other metals




Noble gases

Rare earth elements (Lanthanides) (Normally not used)

Trans-uranium elements (Actinides) (Normally not used)


Neatness counts. A 10% grade deduction will be made for messy or sloppy work. Always try your hardest. This assignment will count as two grades. Doing a truly super job may be rewarded by as many as 10 extra credit points.